Taft High School Virtual Band Reunion


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About this site

The Virtual Band Reunion was the brainchild of Steve Newman, trombone W65. Steve had posted a listing on the Taft High Alumni page, and Marilyn (Foshay) Dillon, flute and piccolo S65, saw it when she posted her own. Steve and Marilyn emailed each other and exchanged information about the band friends they were still in touch with. A comment that “wouldn’t it be great if we could have a band reunion?” gave Steve the inspiration for this site. He built the first version of it in 2001 with just two listings—himself and Marilyn—and a few photos he scanned from his yearbooks. By just spreading the word to a few friends, and having a link added to the Taft High School site’s Alumni page, courtesy of Taft webmaster Tom Pease, the Reunion began to grow.

In June 2002, Marilyn volunteered to assist with site design, and donated the new URL, http://www.taftbandreunion.com, courtesy of DrakNet Web Hosting. The original site was hosted in Steve’s personal webspace, and built in Netscape Navigator Gold. The current version was created with Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

The photos in this site are from various sources. Some come from Taft High yearbooks. Many others were contributed by former band members. Each is credited on the pages where their photos appear, and they hold the copyrights to those images.

If you have photos you’d like to share, please email Marilyn. We’d also like to post some of our old recordings here too. If anyone has MP3 files they could share, or even tapes, please email Steve.

Thanks for coming to the Virtual Band Reunion! T-FAT! T-FAT SRODAEROT!