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1970s Graduates

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Richard Benedon, 1970
Clarinet, alto sax
Played clarinet and alto sax 1967–1970, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra. Currently I'm a physician practicing Emergency Medicine in Thousand Oaks, California.
Wendell Cotton, 1970
Drum Major, 1969
Clarinet, tenor and alto sax
Married to Nancy Cotton CTO
Joyce (Anderson) Hodel, 1970
I was in band all three years while at Taft. I played the flute, which I still have. It was the only school activity I was in. I now live near Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Chris Martin, 1970
I played trumpet in the marching, concert, and jazz bands from 1970-1972. After high school, I played in the Trojan Marching Band at USC for four years and after 30 years still play trumpet in church praise bands and professionally in jazz clubs in the Phoenix, Arizona. My wife Lisa and I have six children and my for my day job, I am a Professor of Landscape Horticulture at Arizona State University.
Tina (Kouremetis) Mottram, 1970
Bass clarinet, clarinet
I played bass clarinet in concert band and clarinet in marching band from 1967 to 1969 when El Camino opened. I continued in band at ECR until graduation in 1970. After high school I moved to Florida, graduated from the University of Florida, returned to California in 1980 and work for the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs. I’ve been married for 14 years to a great guy and we have a 12-year-old son. Playing in band under Ken Kamp was a blast and I have many fond memories of learning how to march in formation (guide right!), the Rose Parade, and warm friendships. [12/2002]
Eric Neufeld, 1970
Bassoon, baritone sax, bells, piano
Attended Cal-Arts from ’70 to ’76, got MFA in bassoon. Pursued a career in motion picture post-production sound. Now engineer for Disney studios. [12/2002]
Doug Pintar, 1970
Tenor drum 1968, snare drum 1969
If anybody happens to know when grad nite at Disneyland happened for the 1970 class, I'd love to know. This is my primary email, and I can be found on Facebook [12/2010]
Debbie (Righter) Dessaint, 1971
Band in ’68 and ’69. Played glock, was squad leader in ’69. Dated Mike Reed for three years (trumpet 67-69); don't  know where he is these days. Married twice, three kids: Jessica, 27, Darrell, 25 and Joel, 16. Four grandkids ages 10 months to 5 years. Respiratory therapist by  profession (not currently practicing).
Erma (Zimmerman) Drobnis, 1971
I was in marching band ’69-’71. Although I played the flute then, I am now drummer in the band Soda Ash (www.SciFiLullaby.com). Sure wish I'd learned my paradiddles in high school! I live in Columbia, MO. As my “day job” I am faculty in Ob/Gyn at the University of Missouri. I teach in the Medical School, do research on human sperm and fertilization, and direct a fertility laboratory for diagnosis and treatment of infertility.
Jon Forrest, 1971
I played trumpet in Concert Band, Orchestra, and Jazz Band during my three years at Taft. I now live in Kensington, CA, which is right next to Berkeley. I got a BA from UCSB and lived in Santa Barbara for 13 years before moving to N. CA. I have a wife, Anne, and a daughter, Leah, who's 11. I don't play trumpet anymore but love to play ’60s rock ’n’ roll on guitar. So far, my only claim to fame was having invented the “No Bozo” sticker that was popular in the ’80s. I've been working as a computer manager for many years, and have spent the last ten years working at UC Berkeley.
Josh Gordon, 1971
Trumpet, horn
I was in Marching Band, Jazz Band, and Orchestra ’69-’71. I played trumpet (and a bit of horn in Orchestra. ) I kept up with the trumpet playing for a while, through a couple years at UC Berkeley, a couple years (with Erma Zimmerman) at Immaculate Heart College in Hollywood, and a couple years of grad school at the University of Oregon. I was lead trumpet player for the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo for a couple years in the mid-70s, probably the apex of my musical career. I stopped playing trumpet in ’78; I've only started playing music seriously again in the last couple of years, concentrating on guitar and on jazz standards. One week after I wrote this, I started playing trumpet again, and I'm happy as can be. I'm working on my second marriage; no kids. I'm currently Chief Engineer at eBay.
Phyllis (Avidan) Louke, 1971
I graduated Taft in 1971 and played flute and piccolo in the band from 1968-71. I was also music librarian from 1969-71. After graduating from Taft, I went to UCSB and got my BA and my teaching credential (in elementary and music) and married a trombone player. We moved up to Portland, Oregon in 1978, where he was offered a job with Intel. We have two children: Marissa (born in 1983) who plays oboe and bassoon, and Jeremy (born in 1986) who plays trombone and tuba. I continue to be very active in music. I am currently teaching one class of beginning band in a local school district, have a large private flute studio, play principal flute in a local chamber orchestra and also in a semi-professional adult wind ensemble. I also conduct an adult flute choir. I have been writing and arranging music for flute and flute choir for the past 15 years and have had quite a few pieces published. I have a website at www.phyllislouke.com. [3/2007]
Patty Crost Glueck, 1972
I know, I know. A member of Taft's Orchestra but I'm not sure if we have a reunion section. I was the middle of three siblings involved in the music program here. Went on to UCLA and then grad school in journalism at Missouri. Returned to the West Coast to work in advertising and PR. Got married, living in Northridge, and now doing the mom thing. My daughter is 9 and taking piano and voice lessons. My husband practices the guitar almost every day and occasionally plays at a nearby coffeehouse.
Stu Fox, 1971, Gary and Nancy Fox, 1972
I (Stu) played with Ken Kamp between 1969 and 1971. I was in the band, orchestra, marching band and dance band. We (my brother and I) even played on Wednesday nights (if my memory serves me right) with a small stage band at Taft. My brother, Gary, played trombone and baritone and my sister, Nancy, played the flute. My brother and sister were one year younger and we all played together throughout elementary, (Calvert and Calabash), Jr. High (Parkman and Hughes) and High School (Taft, El Camino (for one year) and then back to Taft.
Patrick Scully, 1972
I played clarinets (B-flat in Marching Band, alto and bass in Concert  Band); after a long intermission, I’ve begun to play woodwinds again for fun (alto saxophone). In 1977, I took a shop job in a fluorescent light fixture factory in Berkeley (I went to school at U.C. there, but that’s not particularly relevant to anything that came later). There I met a USMC ’Nam vet who, like me, had an interest in digital electronics and hobby computing. We built lights by day, got drunk and digital by night. This led to a career spanning various aspects of data communications, business intelligence, and internet software (currently CEO, Salient Corp). I've been happily married for 20 years to Laura, a communications executive for a multinational. We and our beautiful daughter, Ellen (born 1996), make our home in Palos Verdes, CA. [11/2009]
Alan Stomel, 1973
I played trumpet in jazz band, orchestra and marching band 1970–73. I still remember Chris Martin's plunger solo in "Greasy Sack Blues." I also remember playing lead in the jazz band in ’72 or ’73 at the Orange Coast Jazz Festival and totally clamming up on the big finish, missing the high E-flat. The look I got from Ken Kamp, sort of disgust mixed with pity, still brings a smile almost 35 years later.

After putting the trumpet away for 20 years, I have picked it up again now that I have retired from the practice of law and moved to Israel. [10/2006]
Elaine (Bahuth) Smith, 1975
Flute, piccolo
I played flute and piccolo in both marching band and concert band for all three years that I was there. Had loads of fun! Still living in the valley, married with three children. [1/2010]
Diane Crost, 1975
I loved the Taft Marching Band, though according to M.r Kamp, I could not march or read music. Played the glock. Was the youngest of three that attended Taft. I graduated from San Diego State University in 1979-80 with a degree in Art. Believe it or not, I was Sweetheart of Delta Chi (Animal House) Fraternity my last year at SDSU. I currently work for Macy's Department Store as a Bridal Consultant. [2/2008]
Nick Vincent, 1975
Drums, guitar
Played drums/percussion or/and guitar in Jazz Band, Orchestra, Concert Band and Marching Band. Attended University of North Texas. Dove in to the music biz, such as it might still be, and am still in it. Writing songs for TV/film and drum recording work for various folks. Married with a couple of critters, and still basically having lots of fun. Nothing but joyous memories of the Taft HIgh music department. [6/2007]
Jeff Shoop, 1976
Clarinet, sax
Marching Band/Concert Band all three years, Jazz Band two years, Orchestra one year. (Clarinet, Tenor Sax). Graduated UCLA ’82 B.A. in Economics. (Played Alto Sax in the Marching Band there, as well). Publisher and General Manager of Miller Magazines (Digital Photographer, Camcorder and Computer Video, COINage, Rock and Gem, and other titles). Married for 10 years, three children, all boys, ages 8, 5 and 4 months.
Kathy (Biggs) Reinheimer, 1976
I was in the marching band and played flute which I still have and occasionally pull out to play. I also carried the tuba when we were short a person so the school name could be spelled out on the tuba covers. I own an insurance agency and am married to a programming manager at Cisco. We have one daughter, age 5. [9/2002]
Sherril Babcock, 1976
Baritone Horn
I enjoyed this website, though I see only one of my bandmates listed. I played baritone horn in the symphonic band in 1975 and 1976. I went to music school, realized I would have to join the military to have any future as a professional baritone horn player, and swiftly ran off to UC Santa Cruz to study Chinese history and language. I am now an attorney living in the Atwater Village section of Los Angeles, representating people with AIDS and other diabilities against the evil insurance industry.
Alex Duke, 1976
I played Alto Sax in marching and concert band for two years, and in the jazz band for one. After living in the midwest for 14 years, I've ended up back in Woodland Hills (of all places) and work as Director of Admissions for part-time and executive MBA Programs at UCLA.
Scott Kegley, 1977
Bass and regular trombone
I loved my band days at Taft. I was honored enough to play and learn from the best, Mr. Ken Kamp. I played all three years in marching band and two years in jazz band. I live in Las Vegas with my wife of two years, Dawn, and I manage an auto parts store. Any bandmates I know, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for the memories, guys! [8/2007]
Janine Ryle, 1977
Glockenspiel and Cymbals
I remember having so much fun in band. Everyone in it was a bunch of characters! I fondly remember our Halloween shows, playing the Ice Cream Man song on the glock, and dropping the cymbals just before our grand entrance (what a racket!) After high school, I worked, took random classes, did a bit of travelling, lived in Sweden, got my bachelor's at Loyola Marymount in graphic design (1988), moved to Fullerton, got married (1990), moved to San Francisco (1991), and we’re still up here. I put on Middle Eastern music and dance events and teach and perform Middle Eastern and Central Asian dance. I'm also gradually learning Mid-East and Persian music. My husband is a middle school teacher and also drums. Cats, no kids, and yes, I still have that obnoxious laugh!
Jill Brown Sippel, 1977
I continued to play flute and sing for different church worship teams, a few weddings/funerals here and there. Still play occasionally. I worked the better part of the last 25 years in construction/project management (just like Daddy), and have more recently become a real estate agent at American Dream Real Estate, Hanford, California. Remarried in 2004 to Robert Sippel. I have three children, boy 12, girl 15, boy 18, three step children boy 21, girl 26, boy 29. I'm very happy, and will always look back with fondness on the days in band at Taft. Where's Janet (Young)? God bless! [2/2008]
Bruce Ritter, 1978
I played trumpet for at least two years (but I don't think that I played for all four), but quit when I developed a condition that caused air pressure from my throat to bleed via tear drainage ducts to the corners of my eyes whenever I had to build pressure for more volume or higher notes. I have not played trumpet much since then due to that problem. After High School, I attended Harvey Mudd College (http://www.HMC.edu) to go on to get my BS in Physics. As far as Occupation, I have been in IT since the start of my working years, doing everything from system and network administration to systems development programming. I now live near Olympia, Washington and keep horses on a ranch type property as a past time with my wife and two kids. [2/2005]
Hank Yuloff, 1978 
Played clarinet for the three years at Taft and went on to play (if you could call it that) for 5 years at San Diego State. At least playing got me a free trip to Japan when the Aztecs played in the Tokyo Bowl. After graduating with a degree in Advertising and PR, I sold advertising for a couple of publications until I started working for an advertising specialty company. Now I own my own advertising specialty company, but looking back the first orders I ever took were for band tshirts. Living in Encino and married for 10 years, no kids.
Marc Gross, 1979
Clarinet and alto sax
Played from 3rd grade through college. Played clarinet and alto sax in jazz and marching bands 1977-1979 and in UCSD's jazz ensemble. Married 1987, two children born 1991 and 1994. We live in Calabasas, California. I practice periodontics in Encino.
Sean Kadovitz, 1979
Gavin McCune, 1979
Trumpet, Military Baton, Drum Major 1978-1979.
Loved band, even when I made the front page of the Taft Band News sleeping with my baton during tryouts! LOL! After graduating tried CSUN for a couple of years, got into motion picture production—hated it! Got back into flying in 1986. I towed banners until 1989 and was an instructor until 1996. Now I am the Beechcraft Pilot Training Manager for a Burbank-based cargo company. Married my prom date in 1997 (finally). We have three girls (twins and a preschooler).
Scott Norvell, 1979
After Taft, I went on to play in the band at UCLA where I was a music major. I took tuba lessons from one of Ken Kamp’s classmates from SC, Tommy Johnson. After graduation I was a high school band director for five years and have been an elementary teacher for the past 15 years. I have been married to a flag girl from UCLA for the past 20 years and have two boys and a girl, 17, 15 and 10. We live in Fresno, CA. I picked up my horn and started playing after a 14-year break. I play in the brass ensemble at my church and joined the UCLA Alumni Band this past season. My son’s friends TPed our house recently, but unfortunately they were too quiet for us to go out and help!
Jens Riege, 1979
Flute and Piccolo
I was in the Marching and Concert bands for the 3 high school years and published the Taft Band News during that time. I have 2 kids, of which my son is now the Drum Major of his high school band and plays a mean sax in the Jazz Band. I am currently a senior engineer at a company that makes semiconductors for most cell phones. [6/2007]
Judy Widger, 1979
Clarinet/bass clarinet
Had so much fun in band! I still play clarinet in a local jazz band. My youngest son now plays my bass clarinet. My oldest (only 16) is graduating high school this year. Hard to believe so much time has passed. [2/2005]