Taft High School Virtual Band Reunion


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1990s Graduates

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Tony Berryman, 1993
Aaron Colmenares, 1993
Boy, it is nice to see a few names here. Time sure goes by fast. I am glad to see the band has grown so much. [7/2005]
Shannon Gordon, 1993 s-j-g@juno.com
Maria Ramirez, 1993
Nicole Peterson, 1994
Hello! What a great webpage. I love things like this! It has been over ten years since I graduated Taft. I was a member of the Taft Band in my ninth and tenth grade years. I have been up to many different things. I haven't followed one path per se. I did get my B.A. in Italian from UCLA in 2000. Please feel free to e-mail me. I would love to hear from any of the Band Members. Thank you! [2/2005]
Luis Fernandez Alfaro, 1995
Drums, trombone, drum major 1995
Wha's up my people! It's so good to see all your names. I hope some of you remember this goofball. Email me and let me know what's up with everybody! [3/2007]
Jesus Gaytan, 1995
Trumpet, French Horn
Olmer Hercules, 1995
Frank (Karmazyn) Linkenberg,1995
Harry Nelson III, 1995
Tri-Toms/French Horn
It seems I may have departed school earlier than anticipated due to family reasons. After 1995 I got involved on a temporary basis playing with small bands in Los Angeles as a drummer. It was a short stint. In 1996 I was blessed with the first of two children. In 2003 I was given one more. It seems intresting how fond the memories I have of being a part of such a close-knit group at Taft High. With the marching band and orchestra, I actually learned some fundamentals for life, that I now use at an older age. Some of the best memories I have of my younger life, I must say are with the Taft High Band. [10/2003]Update: It's 2004 and and less than a year away from our High School Reunion. So much has happened and time has gone by. As for me, now I am taking care of my family and enjoying my time as a Computer Tech. Currently am getting in better shape for the Coast Guard, and hope to persue a Aviation Medical Tech position within the force. I would like to hear from everyone, so please, stay in contact and hope to see you 2005! [9/2004]
Margaret Shin, 1997
After Taft, I decided to stick with music (or, more aptly, music stuck with me) and so far have gotten two degrees in flute performance (BM, Univ. of Southern California, 2001; MM, Univ. of North Texas, 2003), and am shooting for a third (enrolling in DMA program at Michigan State University, Fall 2003). But don't go calling me Dr. Shin just yet—first of all, that sounds really weird! and second, I don't know if I've got what it takes to write a dissertation and live to tell the tale. But one can try, right? I'd love to hear from other band members; please drop me a line!
Max Slabyak, 1998
Percussion, bass guitar, drum major
My freshman year, I played the bass drum in marching band. That year I was infamous for my "Max Notes," a solo of 4 quarter notes in the beginning of our pregame show where we played Virgin De La Macarena. Kenneth Kamp was the band director, who unfortunately left the next year. I played the snare my sophomore year and sometimes the bass guitar in the stands to compensate for our lack of tubas and a good low range sound. I was the Assistant Drum Major my junior year, still playing the snare and sometimes conducting, as well as leading the homecoming parade when the current Drum Major was sick. I was Drum Major my senior year which was an amazing experience since the Taft Football team took us to the Coliseum undefeated and I had gotten to be on TV. I look back on this cool experience all the time.