Taft High School Virtual Band Reunion


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Find old friends...help friends find you!

Add or update your listing on the Virtual Band Reunion

We now have four pages listing former band members, and we want to hear from as many as possible. Start by posting your own listing. Just fill out the form below. And come back to this page any time you need to update your listing.

Any information you want to tell about yourself is up to you. We’ll even include a photo if you’ll email it to us.

If you know of any other former band members, whether they’re on the Net or not, let them know about the Virtual Band Reunion. If they’re not online, please be their go-between and send their postal address to Marilyn or Steve, and we’ll contact them. We can probably find a lot of people just by networking one person at a time.

Argh! The spam-bots found us! We took down the form for the time being and we're working on fixing it. For now, if you want up update your listing, or be added to the site, please email Marilyn. Please include your first and last name, your last name in high school if it was different, your instruments(s), the year you graduated, and any other information you'd like to include. Thanks!